The LIGNERES LATHENAY domain is in the heart of Minervois, at Siran, sunny space of Hérault at the foot of the Montagne Noire.

For our strangers friends, it’s in the south of France, near Carcassonne.

Frédéric Lignères, viticulturist, born here, talks with passion about his love for the familial domain : “ it’s in 1994 that I took the familial field composed of 18 hectares, I studied agriculture at school to succeed my father. I want to highlight and perpetuate the work that 6 generations before me build day after day in the respect of traditions and good taste of wine.

I choose my best plots of Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault and Mourvèdre to make my Minervois and Minervois La livinières vintages.

In goal to make preniums wines and in the fulfilment of Petit Causse land, I banished chemical fertilizers since 8 years and I try to use as less as chemical products I can.

My vineyard is of human size, very attached to  this land I perform the work in the vineyard, winemaking to the marketing if the wines bottles of Minervois.